Lignano is one of the most famous and most picturesque seaside resorts of the Adriatic coast, well known for its beautiful beaches of golden sand more than 8 km long. Lignano is divided into three districts:Lignano Sabbiadoro, Lignano Pineta, Lignano Riviera.

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Sabbiadoro is located on the tip of the peninsula and is the main centre of Lignano, the perfect place for those who love entertainment, shopping and the best "nightlife". The beach is long and spacious with different day and night activities for both adults and children, such as the Beach Village Arena, which hosts concerts and daily events; the port is located in the eastern part of Sabbiadoro and is the right place to take a ferry for a beautiful trip to the WWF Oasis of the lagoon, nearby there is also a dog beach. After the beach, the three main pedestrian streets (Via Udine, Via Tolmezzo, Viale Venezia) are populated by young people and families who walk until late while enjoying boutiques, bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. At the end of the promenade you can find the Junior Park, a famous playground for children.
Pineta is located in the central part of Lignano and despite the fact that its centre is smaller than the one of Sabbiadoro, it's constantly attended by tourists. The so called "train" is an important street full of shops, bars and clubs, like the famous Kursaal disco, with its festivals and concerts on the beach, and the beautiful outdoor Tenda Bar, that becomes a meeting place for hundreds of young people in the evening. Nearby are the Terme di Lignano, a children playground named I Gommosi and The Pagoda, a bar which lies in the middle of the sea, often hosting musical events. Northwards you can find Strabilia and Gulliverlandia amusement parks and Aquasplash water park, with its Aquarium. The residential area of Pineta is a very quiet spiral-shaped area surrounded by the green, not far from the centre.
Riviera is located in the upcountry and is the most peaceful area of Lignano, the ideal place for relaxing. All baths offer various entertaining activities for both adults and children, latin dance lessons, aerobics, water aerobics and body tonic lessons, swimming lessons, sailing lessons for adults and children and free bike trips around Lignano, moreover there's a free dog beach located west. Northwards you can find Punta Verde Park Zoo with 1200 animals belonging to 200 different species and a 18 holes golf course. Riviera residential area is characterized by villas, cottages and apartment complexes surrounded by pine trees.